Dialogue Be + ing 2

Listen, Read, Enjoy!


A What are you doing?

B I’m learning English.

A Why are you learning English?

B For my job/school/fun.

A Is it interesting?

B Yes very interesting!

A Is it difficult?

B No it isn’t/Yes it is.


A Where are you going?

B I’m going to Italy to eat pasta and pizza.

A How are you going there? 

B I’m driving my beautiful Mazeratti.

A Where are you staying in Italy?

B I’m staying in a hotel in Dolce Acqua. 

A Are you going alone?

B No, I’m going with my wife/friends/my cat.


A What is he doing?

B He’s running!

A Why is he running? 

B I don’t know. Maybe he’s late!

A What is he doing?

B He’s sleeping.

A Why is he sleeping?

B I don’t know. Maybe ______________________ 

A What are they doing?

B They are dancing!

A Why are they dancing?

B I don’t know. Stop asking me questions.

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