English Dialogue : Past Continuous (be + ing)

Lisez et écoutez ces dialogues pour pratiquer le « Past Continuous ».

1) What were you doing?

A What were you doing yesterday at 3pm?

B Hmm let’s see… I think I was feeding my cat.

A Hmmm. And what were you doing last Monday at 3pm?

B Last Monday? I don’t remember!

A Think please, this is very important.

B It’s a difficult question. What were you doing last Monday at 3pm?

A Last Monday? I was sleeping.

B You were sleeping? At 3pm? 

A Yes, I was very tired, I had a difficult weekend… DON’T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!

2) I wasn’t listening

A Yesterday I was in a park, the sun was shining, birds were singing, children were playing, it was lovely. Suddenly…

B Sorry I wasn’t listening, what were you saying?

A You never listen to me!!! I was talking about….

B I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else. 

A Ok, so I was walking in the park when suddenly….

B I was thinking about my wife. 

A Stop interrupting me!

B Sorry. I think my wife is seeing another man. When she came home last night she was wearing perfume and looking happy. It was very suspicious!

A That’s funny, can I finish my story? So I was walking in the park when I saw your wife. She was chatting with another man…

B Why didn’t you tell me!!

3)  I was watching TV

A So I was watching TV when an alien came into the living room.

B An Alien? What did he look like?

A Well he was wearing a blue costume and a top hat.

B Oh, no, that was me!

A You? Why were you wearing a blue costume and a top hat.

B I was trying out a new look. What did you think?

A I thought you looked like an alien! 

B And you weren’t afraid?

A No, I was too busy watching TV to be afraid. 


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