English Dialogue : Present Simple

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Dialogue 1

A : What do you do?

B : I am an actor.

A : Really? Where do you act?

B : I play in a very famous TV show called « Love in Antibes ». Don’t you know this show?

A : No I don’t I’m sorry.

B : You should watch it, it’s great! It takes place in Antibes. It starts in 1990. Francis loves Mary But she doesn’t love him. She loves Patrick (my character), who lives in Cannes. Patrick also loves Mary but he goes to South Africa on a secret mission as he works for the FBI.

A : Does he? And what does Mary do? 

B : She’s a model.

A : Of course she is. This sounds like a very boring TV show!

B : What do you mean? It’s great! 

Dialogue 2

Horse : Do you like carrots? 

Chicken : No I don’t. I like worms.

Horse : But carrots are fresh and crunchy and juicy.

Chicken : I don’t like fresh, crunchy and juicy food. I prefer slimy food like worms. 

Horse : But worms are so small! How many worms do you eat every day?

Chicken : I don’t know. Thousands. It’s all I do all day, eat worms. 

Horse : That sounds horrible! 

Chicken : It isn’t horrible. It’s great! What’s so good about carrots?

Horse : I don’t know. I just love carrots and apples, and grass.

Chicken : Boring!

Dialogue 3

Customer : I love this shirt. How much does it cost?

Salesman : It costs 500€. 

Customer : Wow that’s very expensive! 

Salesman : Well it’s a great shirt. George Clooney often wears this shirt.

Customer : Who’s George Clooney?

Salesman : You don’t know George Clooney?

Customer : No and I don’t care about George Clooney. Even if he buys nice expensive shirts. 


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