English Dialogue : The Passive Form

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 Dialogue 1

A : When was this room cleaned for the last time? It’s filthy!

B: I’m afraid it hasn’t been cleaned for a few weeks…

A : What?! Normally it is cleaned every week!

B : I know but the man who normally cleans it has been hit by a bus…

A : Oh no! That’s awful! Why hasn’t he been replaced?

B : I’m afraid it has been forgotten.

A : Well have him replaced immediately! And have flowers sent to his widow.

Dialogue 2

A : I’m sorry you can’t use this computer. It’s being repaired!

B : What? It was broken 2 weeks ago… It hasn’t been repaired yet?

A : Yes it has. It’s been repaired 3 times! But it’s been broken again. So it’s being repaired again.

B : How was it broken 3 times?

A : I have no idea.

B : Who’s it being repaired by?

A : I think the company is called « Shady Works ».

B : Call « Shady Works » have them sent to my office immediately! They sound useless and incompetent!

Dialogue 3

A : What are diamonds made of? 

B : They’re made of carbon.

A : Really? And how are they formed? 

B : Well when carbon is exposed to high temperatures and pressures the carbon atoms bond together. That’s when the crystals appear. These crystals are called diamonds.

A : Wow. And diamonds are only found in nature?

B : No diamonds can be artificially made by exposing carbon to high temperatures and pressures. But natural diamonds (diamonds found in nature) are much more expensive as they are rarer. 

A : Interesting! And what is paper made of?

B : Let’s take a break!!


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