Verbs with IR endings

Most verbs with IR endings are also regular. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Choisir (to chose), Agir (to act), Applaudir (to applaud), Avertir (to warn), Grandir (to grow up), Obéir (to obey), Finir (to finish), Guérir (to heal), Investir (to invest), Nourrir (to feed), Ralentir (to slow down), Réfléchir (to think about something), Remplir (to fill), Réussir (to succeed), Vieillir (to grow old)

écoutez et répétez (listen and repeat)

To conjugate these verbs you must replace IR with the correct ending.

Here is the pronunciation of these endings:

écoutez et répétez

Now let’s conjugate one of the verbs

Finir, (to finish)

Je finis, (I finish)

Tu finis, (you finish)

Il/Elle/On finit (he/she/we finish(es))

Nous finissons, (we finish)

Vous finissez, (you finish, plural or formal)

Ils/Elles finissent, (they finish)

écoutez et répétez

Let’s conjugate another verb. It has the exact same endings but is more difficult to pronounce. Listen closely!


Je choisis, (I choose)

Tu choisis, (you choose)

Il/Elle/On choisit, (he/she/we choose(s))

Nous choisissons, (we choose)

Vous choisissez, (you choose, plural or formal)

Ils/Elles choisissent, (they choose)

écoutez et répétez

Exercise 1 : Add the correct ending and read the sentence out loud.

  1. Je chois____ la chemise bleue!
  2. Tu fin____ toujours en retard!
  3. Elle grand_____ très vite…
  4. Il obé____ à son professeur.
  5. On applaud______ à la fin du concert.
  6. Nous réuss________________ nos examens.
  7. Vous nourr___________ le chat
  8. Chut! Ils réfléch_____________.
  9. Elles chois____________ le gâteau au chocolat.
  10. Nous ralent___________ au feu rouge.

Exercise 2 : Choose the correct verb from the list, and add the correct ending.

List : Choisir, Finir, Grandir, Nourrir, Obéir, Réussir, Investir, Applaudir

  1. Ils _______________________ à la fin du concert. (at the end of the concert)
  2. Je ____________ le travail à 19h. (work at 7)
  3. Il _______________ la chemise rouge. (the red shirt)
  4. Nous __________________ dans l’immobilier. (in real estate)
  5. Vous _____________________ le chat.
  6. Tu __________________ tes examens.
  7. Cette plante _____________ vite!
  8. Nous __________________ à la loi. (the law)
Audio correction, exercice 2

Exercise 3 : write what you hear!

1 ___________________________________________________

2 __________________________________________________

3 __________________________________________________

4 _____________________________________________________________

5 ________________________________________ mon verre. (my glass)

6 ________________________________________ son verre. (his glass)

7 ____________________________________________

8 ____________________________________________

9 ______________________________________________ tôt (early)

10 ____________________________________________________

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