Dialogue be + ing

Listen and read!

What are you doing ?

A What are you doing ?

B I’m running !!

A Don’t run ! Walk !

B Oh ok….

( B start’s jumping around)

A What are you doing ?

B I’m Jumping !

A Don’t jump, Walk !

B Oh ok……

(B start’s dancing around)

A Now what are you doing ?

B I’m Dancing !!!

A Don’t dance, Walk !!!!

B (to the audience) I can’t run, I can’t jump and I can’t dance !!! So I’m going to FLYYYYYYYY !!!

A Hey! What are you doing ? 

B I’m flyyyyyyiiiiiiing !!!!!

A I want to fly !!!

B It’s easy. Just run, and jump and dance !!!

A Oh ok….

(A runs)

B Well done !

(A jumps)

B Well done !

(A dances and starts to fly)

B You see ? It’s easy !!!!!!!!!!!

(They fly together around the room, screaming) :

A+B Yippeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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